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Our  History 

Sellstrom has a long and productive history in creating and selling personal safety products. Since it opened its doors in 1923, Sellstrom Manufacturing Company has regularly produced a number of product lines that provide safety to those who work in construction and industrial industries. Our first product lines included protective goggles and sunglasses used by office workers, barbers, and those enjoying the outdoors. 

Brief History of Sellstrom

Even in the beginning, Sellstrom was a leader in manufacturing protective products. In 1923, a warehouse and office off of North Clark Street in Chicago produced sunglasses for barbers, office workers, picnickers and those who enjoy the outdoors. As demand grew, so did Sellstrom’s product line. Founder, G.E. Sellstrom and his wife Ellen discovered that their tinted eyewear prevented strain and assisted those who had to work regularly in bright light.

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