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Engineered Solutions

The protection industry could be described in a single word – reliance. Without reliability the fall protection system you purchase, the safety of your employees is jeopardized. The same goes for the installation of a fall protection system. Fortunately, rtc not only manufactures fall protection and arrest systems, we also offer an in-house, multi-tiered engineering process.

While implementing a fall protection may seem like a daunting process, with our custom solutions program, the set-up and design is relatively simple. Trust us with the development of your custom fall protection system or horizontal lifeline and you will receive the best solution possible.

Brief Outline Of Custom Solution Procedures

A) Initial Assessment

Research and input – many custom systems can be developed with remote assistance through phone conferencing, digital photos, and drawings. For more involved systems, rtc schedules a personal visit to the site of installation and reviews your needs. An engineer is involved with the process from start to finish.

Design – after providing an estimate of time and cost considerations, we create fall protection or arrest systems that directly address your needs, incorporating all previous comments.

B) System Implementation

Engineering – all of our fall protection systems are designed and reviewed by our engineering staff. The customer is provided with the loading information for use in evaluating any existing structure or needed anchorages. We’re happy to work with your preferred local structural engineer, or can incorporate structural engineering services into the project.

Fabrication – sellstrom/rtc is a leading manufacturer in fall protection components. In our custom solutions program, we develop and assemble the appropriate components that meet the requirements of your approved design.

Installation – rtc fall protection offers installation services across the country from trained professionals. We also offer phone support for those customers that would like to install the equipment with their own crews. The installation process may not be difficult, but getting it right is critical.

C) Project Completion

Testing/inspection – every fall protection system is reviewed before and after fabrication to insure compliance with the applicable standards and quality expectations. Each component is tested to meet osha and ansi standards. All components are then tested together to ensure reliability. Non-destructive onsite inspection services are available, but not required for all of our systems.

Certification – our custom solutions staff will approve and certify the system for use after a positive inspection. A label will be assigned to the system detailing the date of installation, the maximum number of users allowed, and a description of the type of system installed.

Training – one of the biggest benefits of using our custom solutions program is the training for each of your company’s employees. Our staff educates each individual using the system, reviewing the procedures for its use, and demonstrating its capabilities.

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