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The Sellstrom Odyssey II line of goggles is economically priced, stylish, and comfortable. These goggles are made in a wide variety of styles and designed for a wide variety of applications.
Our Odyssey II industrial and chemical splash goggles feature sealed dual UV absorbing polycarbonate lenses with anti-fog and anti-scratch protection. Indirect vents on the top and bottom protect against liquids and dust while providing ventilation. These goggles offer complete panoramic vision and fit over prescription eyewear.
When it comes to clean room applications, our Odyssey II Clean Room goggles are an excellent alternative to traditional disposable clean room goggles. These goggles are reusable, lightweight, providing a longer use of life, less waste, and most important, a lower cost of ownership. We offer a non-vented clear anti-fog lens as well as a top vented clear uncoated lens.
The Wildland Fire Goggles have been 3rd party certified to meet NFPA 1977 requirements. They feature an anti-fog as well as and an anti-scratch coating on the outside. The non-vented, body with a soft closed cell foam seal, fit snugly and protect the user from smoke, liquids and ashes. They feature a complete panoramic view and a wide adjustable fire retardant headband.
Our Tactical Goggle features a unique sealed dual lens with scratch resistance on the outside and anti-fog coating on the inside. This UV absorbing polycarbonate lens provides outstanding impact strength and optical clarity. This goggle is available with clear, amber, or orange lenses for indoor and outdoor work environments where normal to low light conditions exist. The amber or orange lenses enhance contrast while reducing eye strain and fatigue.
Our shade 5 cutting goggle provides outstanding impact strength and optical clarity for rugged industrial protection. Its shade 5 IR lens provides 99.5% UV protection and is an excellent choice for oxy-fuel cutting and brazing operations. The wrap around style provides both a secure and comfortable fit and provides extra wide peripheral vision. Indirect vents on the top and bottom protect against liquid and dust while permitting indirect ventilation. This goggle also fits easily over most prescription eyewear.
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