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We just returned from the Fabtech Mexico show in Monterrey Mexico. The show had a good turnout and we had a chance to meet many of our customers.
Among the products that were most well received were the Smart Weld Pro welding helmet, The DP4 Multi-Purpose Face Shields, our Magsense auto-darkening welding filter, and the Chicago line of self-retracting lanyards.
The SmartWeld Pro is our economical auto-darkening welding helmet with variable shades from 8-12 and an extended viewing area with excellent optics. Other features of this versatile helmet are an auto-delay function and light sensitivity regulation. The Smart Weld Pro also includes a battery that will last the life of the helmet.
Our DP4 Multi-Purpose Faceshield combines a clear anti-fog window with a flip down IR window and is ideal for a wide variety of grinding, brazing, cutting and welding operations. The shade 5 flip down window is your best choice for brazing, and oxy-fuel cutting and welding. The shade 6B Cobalt Blue flip down window is ideal for applications with aluminum and cast iron as well as in metal, gas and glass furnace operations. The shade 8 is the first faceshield in the market to meet the ANSI Z49.1 standards for plasma cutting.
The Magsense auto darkening welding filter is a product unique to Sellstrom. This revolutionary filter reacts not only to the light from the arc, but also to the magnetic field generated by the arc. The problem of flickering occurs often with conventional electronic filters when a welder is working in an area where there are obstacles that can block the light sensors on a conventional electronic filter. The Magsense maintains its darkness whenever there is an arc because it can always detect the magnetic field. Therefore the problem of flickering is eliminated.
We also showed our new line of Chicago Series self-retracting lanyards. These SRLs are remarkable for their extreme light weight and state of the art engineering, while at the same time being tough enough to withstand harsh environments. These units are available with galvanized steel or Dyneema webbing lifelines. Dyneema is known for its extreme strength and cut resistance.
We thank everyone who visited us during the show and look forward to hearing from you soon.

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