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This month we will take a look at our lightweight shock absorbing horizontal lifeline system, Permacable.

Sellstrom Permacable® is a pre-engineered synthetic horizontal lifeline. It is lightweight (only 6.8 kgs per 30 meters), strong (tensile strength 6818 kgs), and has excellent resistance to weather and chemicals. This makes it an ideal solution for harsh outdoor and chemical environments. The synthetic cable is able to absorb more energy than steel cable thus lowering the shock transferred to the anchorage, which in turn eliminates the need for costly structural reinforcements.

Permacable meets all recommended OSHA requirements and can span up to 60 meters without intermediate supports, unlike traditional steel cable that requires supports every 9 to 15 meters.  If necessary, it can support up to 4 workers at a time. A special red liner in the cable alerts the user to wear or damage.

Installation is easy and most systems can be installed by the customer. Permacable has a long life span and won’t corrode.  In fact, we recently tested a system that had been in operation for 9 years in an environment of heavy exposure to paints and solvents. We were pleased to find out that in spite of 9 years in this environment, it still had a tensile strength of 5454 kgs.

Each Permacable system is custom designed by Sellstrom engineers to meet your specific requirements. For complete systems quotes, including appropriate harnesses, lanyards, or self-retracting lifelines please contact Sellstrom and we will be pleased to design a complete system that will meet your needs.



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