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RTC Fall Protection, a division of Sellstrom Manufacturing Company, announced today the development of their newest harness – The Suspension Harness. This newly designed harness was developed in response from customers who needed a solution in which they could be safely suspended to complete their work. The harness comes fully padded with a seat for support and comfort and the full body harness is incorporated into the design to ensure compliance with safety regulations.

 “The addition of a suspension seat to our Pro-Elite harness enables more workers to use this most comfortable harness that is also the utmost in safety,” said RTC Fall Protection General Manager Tim Higgins. “This is what we mean by our tagline ‘Product That Works’. We are aware of the work our customers do and we develop products that allow them to get their work done while remaining safe. Too often, workers use the excuse of needing to get the job done as a reason to forgo safety. Product that works – like all Sellstrom products – take that excuse off the table.”

Useful for shipbuilding, tank repair, and some construction applications, the new Suspension Harness is available globally from a variety of distributors.

 Founded in 1923, Sellstrom offers a wide range of personal protective equipment, from goggles and protective glasses to emergency eyewash and fall arrest equipment.  Contact Becky Swanson, Marketing Coordinator at or 847.358.2000x259. Visit for the latest information on RTC Fall Protection.

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