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PeakWorks Wrist and Harness Lanyards

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Wrist and Harness Lanyards

  • The wrist lanyard features a built-in heavy duty adjustable wrist collar on one end and a small carabiner on the other, conveniently tethering the tool to your wrist
  • The standard lanyard features two small carabiners designed to connect to the clamp and the other end to operator (or a suitable anchor)
  • The small carabiner is designed to fit into the molded eye hole built-in to each of the tool clampsand is used to tether the tool to your body or to a suitable fixed anchor
  • Designed for tools with a maximum weight of 15 pounds. Do not exceed this weight limitation


Prod. No. Model No.        Type         Size(unstretched)             Pkg Qty
 V856210 TT-9900               Wrist                   13"                1 Piece (c/w hang card)
 V856211  TT-9900-10         Wrist                   13"                          10/box/50carton*
 V856220  TT-9901               Standard            32"               1 Piece (c/w hang card)
 V856221  TT-9901-10          Standard            32"                         10/box/50carton*

 *Please note: All products are available individually, or in bulk 10-packs which are then master packed 5 packs (50 pieces) per carton. Save by purchasing in both 10 packs and master packs of 50

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