Welding Helmet Accessories

Helmet headgear, bib, retainers and gasket attachments


  • Protective Welders Bib
  • Quick-Release Ratchet Headgear
  • Sweatbands
  • Retainers and Gaskets
Accessories Headgear, Bib, Sweatbands, Retainers
21100 Protective Welder's Bib
22464 Neoprene Sweatband for Pipe-Liner Headgear
22955 Ratchet Headgear Repair Kit for Welding Helmets
27000 Standard Sweatband for Welding Headgear
27001 Drop Down "Quick-Release" Ratchet Headgear
27003 Ratchet Headgear for Advantage Helmets Only
27004 Plastic Pin Lock Headgear for all Sellstrom Helmets
27104 Sel-Snap 4.5"x5.25" Retainer
27110 293 Series Replacement Kit for Sel-Snap Retainer
27300 Complete 2"x4.25" "S" Lift Front Retainer
27301 Inside Front Spring for "S" Lift Front Retainer
27303 1"x4.25" Gasket
27304 Black Spring for all helmets other than "S" Lift Front