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Drop In/Drop Thru Anchors
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Drop In/Drop Thru Anchors Drop In/Drop Thru Anchors Drop In/Drop Thru Anchors

Drop In/Drop Thru Anchors

Removable Anchors

  • Removable Anchors, developed for fall protection, are safe, lightweight, and surprisingly simple to employ.
  • PeakWorks manufactures 2 styles of removable anchors
  1. Drop Thru Anchors
  2. Concrete anchors
Drop Thru Anchors
  • The Drop Thru Anchor is a removable and reusable anchor designed for overhead applications. Available in three different sizes 4”, 6”, 12” diameter plates. Simply insert the cable end of the anchorage connector to an approved anchor and begin using it. Once the task is complete pull the cable back through the opening and its ready to be re-used.
Concrete Anchors
  • PeakWorks anchors have been tested to meet ANSI Z359.7. They have a long list of benefits above competitive products.
  • A few include:
  • Ease of use – simply drill the proper size hole into your concrete, blow the dust out with compressed air, and insert the unit.
  • Multi-directional attributes – PeakWorks Removable anchors work in horizontal, vertical and overhead surfaces.
  • Reusability – when your job is done, simply fill in the drilled hole if necessary and reuse at your new desired location.

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