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Overhead Beam Clamps

Overhead Beam Clamps

SKU: V8222130

  • Overhead beam clamps are designed to attach to overhead structure without the aid of any tools. Simply adjust the sizeof the clamp to the bottom flange of the beam, lock it in place and its ready to go. The beam anchors provide a safe and practical solution to connecting to overhead beams. PeakWorks offers two styles of beam clamps
  • Stationary - Fixed in one location
  • Sliding - which can follow the worker to prevent a swing fall
  • Both beam clamps style models have a breaking strength of 5,000 lbs. (22kN).

California Residents - Proposition 65 Warning

Prod. No.

Mod. No. Product Name Size of beam Application
V8222130 CP-11010-1 Adjustable Sliding Beam Anchor 3.5" to 13.25" (88.9 mm to 336.6 mm) Temporary
V8221131 AC-9450-SBAR Skybar 3.5" to 12" (88.9mm to 333.6mm) Temporary
V8221132 AC-9450-SBAR2 Skybar -Fixed Threaded Rod 4" to 13.5" (101.6mm to 343mm) Temporary
V8221130 AC-9450-IANCHOR Steel I-Beam Anchor Point 6" to 21" (152.4mm to 533.4mm) Temporary
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