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SoftShieldTM Carbon Fiber Felt High Temp Blanket

SoftShieldTM Carbon Fiber Felt High Temp Blanket

SKU: S97456

  • Extremely lightweight and flexible
  • For use on small and contained fires
  • Maintains physical integrity
  • Protects for excursion temperatures to 3,000°F/1,650°C
  • Resistant to sparks and spatter, and is scratch-resistant to protect finishes and equipment
  • Comes in strong, red metal cabinet (16"H x 15"W x 5-1/2" D) which can be easily wall mounted or placed on a flat surface for quick and easy access
  • Easy-to-identify bright red case with large white lettering
  • Replacement blankets available in unsealed clear bag (S97466)

California Residents - Proposition 65 Warning

Prod. No. Material Type Size Weight Temperature
S97456 Carbon fiber felt 5'x6' 17 oz. 3,000 degrees F/1,650 degrees C
S97466 Replacement blanket in unsealed clear bag
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