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Rescue Products Rescue Products

Rescue Products

  • OSHA requirements for prompt rescue state "The employer shall provide for prompt rescue of employees in the event of a fall or shall assure that employees are able to rescue themselves" OSHA 1926.502 (D) and OSHA 1910.66 therefore every fall protection application and work environment must have a pre-planned rescue system established.
  • PeakWorks offers a wide range of equipment and training to help you develop the rescue system required for your specific application.
  • Contact your representative for details.
  • The PeakWorks Res-Q-Pole with Res-Q-Head is an innovative and effective solution designed to remotely connect a carabiner to a fallen worker or anchor
  • The pole is a strong yet lightweight fibreglass-constructed telescoping pole that reaches from 6 to 12' (1.8 to 3.7 m)
  • A lightweight bracket holds the carabiner open until the operator hooks onto the victim's D-ring or anchor and pulls back. At that point the carabiner is released from the head and snaps shut
  • Designed for use with the CP-03015-1 carabiner (sold separately)
  • The Res-Q-Kit is a unique 4:1 100' (30.4 m) raise and lower kit; it allows a person to be lowered using friction or raised by using a mechanical one-directional pulley
  • The Res-Q-Kit is our most effective retrieval kit

Prod. No.Mod. No.Product Name
V855121RES-Q-POLE w RES-Q-HEADRescue pole, Telescoping 6 to 12' (1.8 m to 3.7 m), with Rescue Head Carabiner Attachment
V85523100RES-Q-KIT 100'Res-Q-Kit 100' (30.4m)