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390 Series Replacement Windows
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390 Series Replacement Windows

390 Series Replacement Windows

Sellstrom carries a wide range of replacement/optional premium windows

  • Available in clear, Sta-Clear anti-fog, shade 5 IR and dark green
  • All windows listed below can be fitted to the Sellstrom 390 Series crown
  • Window attachment pattern exclusive to Sellstrom’s 390 Series crown
  • Windows made with a polycarbonate material
  • S35040 and S35140 made with an acetate material
  • Anti-fog windows constructed with an acetate material
  • Meets ANSI Z87.1-2015
  • Meets CSA Z94.3-2015


California Residents – Proposition 65 Warning

Prod. No.Window Dim.TintCoatings
S350008 x 12 x 0.040ClearUncoated
S350208 x 12 x 0.040Dark GreenUncoated
S350408 x 12 x 0.040ClearSta-Clear Anti-Fog
S350508 x 12 x 0.060Shade 5 IRUncoated
S351008 x 16 x 0.040ClearUncoated
S351208 x 16 x 0.040Dark GreenUncoated
S351408 x 16 x 0.040ClearSta-Clear Anti-Fog
S351508 x 16 x 0.040Shade 5 IRUncoated