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Cover/Impact Plates

  • Cover and impact plates are positioned in front of passive and ADF filters providing an economical “shield” that protects the more expensive filters plates from pitting and scratching
  • As the cover/impact plate becomes damaged, you simply replace it with a new plate
  • Sellstrom carries three popular styles of cover plates and one style of impact plates
Cover Plates
  • Cover plates are the most economical way to protect filter plates from pitting and scratching
  • Cover plates are not High Impact rated and therefore are not designed to provide safe eye protection from flying projectiles
Impact Plates
  • In addition to protecting filter plates from pitting and scratching, impact plates meet ANSI Z87.1 High Impact standards, providing added eye protection from flying debris during welding operations
  • Impact plates provide the best and safest pre-filter protection

 Cover Plates  CR-39 Long Life 
 Cover Plates CR-39 Long Life 
 Cover Plates  Economy Polycarbonate 
 Cover Plates Economy Polycarbonate 
 Cover Plates  Glass 
 Cover Plates Glass 
 Impact Plates  High Impact Polycarbonate 
 Impact Plates High Impact Polycarbonate 
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