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Warranty & Service Information

Sellstrom offers an implied manufacturer warranty for products sold. This “warrant of merchantability” assures consumers that the products offered will perform as stated. The warranty is valid from one (1) years from date of purchase unless otherwise specified. Warranty is limited to the replacement of defective parts upon receipt of product. Parts or products damaged from misuse will not be replaced. Sellstrom reserves the right to judge the condition of the product.

Please contact a SureWerx USA customer service representative at 1-800-323-7402 for further assistance on product and warranty information

Garment and Safety Gear

Pioneer warrants all garments to be free of defects in materials and workmanship under the normal use for which the product is intended. Normally, a garment defect of manufacture will show up in the first two months of use.

This warranty is limited to product failure as a result of seam separation, broken snaps or zippers, material delaminating, or any defect in material or workmanship that affects the performance of the garment.

Excluded from this warranty are products that have been affected by cuts or punctures, disfigured from continued wear or use, and products that have been exposed to solvents or excessive heat which may degrade their performance and garments that have not been maintained as per wash care instructions on the garment.

Warranty claims will only be provided for those products that have been made available for inspection by Pioneer. Any warranty claim on garments that have been purchased over 60 days ago will have to be accompanied by pictures and/ or defective garment itself for inspection. To maintain our health and safety standards, all products returned for inspection must be free of all removable debris. Any products returned that do not meet the above conditions will be returned to the customer at their expense.

Pioneer shall not be liable for indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damage or penalties and does not assume liability of purchaser or others for injury to persons or property.

For a warranty claim on a Pioneer garment, please contact a SureWerx USA customer service representative at 1-800-323-7402 for further assistance.

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