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Premium Arc Flash Rated

312 Series Arc Flash Rated Face Shields
  • Sellstrom Arc Flash rated face shields provide protection from low level arc flash hazards

  • Arc Flash is created by an electric arc and can result in an explosive condition releasing electromagnetic energy, fragments and molten metals that can cause serious injury

  • Sellstrom Arc Flash face shields feature a unique, molded high-impact and splash resistant polycarbonate window

  • Provides optimum clarity with no distortion and panoramic vision

  • Specially formulated window incorporates a light green tinted window that allows 55% light transmittance and true color optics

  • These true color optics allow the operator to see all colors perfectly. This is critical when working around color coded wiring in electrical applications

  • Two window versions: 9.9 Cal/cm2 and 12 Cal/cm2 ATPV rating

  • Face shield curves naturally to fit facial contours, providing superior protection

  • All product meets ANSI Z87.1

  • Tested and certified to ASTM F- 2178 specifications and NFPA 70E-2009 standards

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