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Premium Single Crown

390 Series Face Shields
  • Sellstrom’s 390 Series face shields have been the industry standard for decades

  • Made in the USA, these premium face shields are manufactured using superior acetate windows

  • Acetate windows are inherently chemical and scratch resistant, therefore eliminating the need to apply additional hard coat treatments

  • Anti-fog models are treated using an exclusive “Sta-Clear” chemical solution that is superior to other anti-fog treatments

  • These face shields are virtually 100% fog free

  • The shield curves naturally to fit facial contours – excellent protection from splash, chemical splash, particles and flying debris

  •  Extra-large high impact crown provides excellent above-the-head coverage

  •  Complete units available with standard 8” x 12” x .040” clear, Sta-Clear Anti-Fog and Shade 5 IR acetate windows

  • Extra-large 8” x 16” x .040 windows are also available (optional)

  • Windows attach using exclusive Sellstrom patterned pin mount design

  • Headgear models available with Pin-Lock or Sellstrom’s exclusive Ratcheting Headgear suspensions (S27051)

  • Also available with Universal Slotted Hard Hat Adapter (fits most slotted hard hats) or Zip-Klip Hard Hat Adaptors (for non-slotted hard hats)

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