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Cable Ladder Systems

Cable Ladder Systems


PeakWorks Cable Ladder systems are designed for hands free movement and 100% protection. The system consists of a top and bottom bracket and a cable that is attached to these brackets at both ends. The cable grab connects the worker to the system and provides a hands free climb without ever having to manipulate the cable grab. For longer systems, PeakWorks provides intermediate brackets to minimize the vibration of

the system.
  • Systems come in standard lengths which are in stock and also can be customized for your exact requirements.
  • Description: 3/8" Galvanized steel cable lifeline for use with 2001-9111 CableGrabTM
  • Designed Working Load: 310 lb.
  • Standards Compliance: ANSI A10.14, Z359.1, OSHA 1910.66, 1926.500
  • Material: Galvanized Steel

Climb-Rite� Fixed Rail Ladder Safety System

Fixed rigid rail ladder systems offer the workers 100% fall protection when climbing permanent ladders. Our ClimbRite� ladder systems are custom designed by our in house engineering staff to provide the right solution for your needs. The ClimbRite� systems require minimum maintenance and simply to install.


  • Hands-free movement up & down ladder.
  • Rail system is easy to install & maintain.
  • Arresting unit is easily installed & removed from rail.
  • Climbing device weighs only 2 lbs.
  • All ladder hardware is corrosion resistant stainless steel.
  • Can be mounted to side or center of ladder.
  • Ladder extensions available.
  • Type 316 stainless steel rail is available for marine or other corrosive environments and are used on U.S. Navy vessels.
  • Meets OSHA and ANSI standards.

Typical Applications for the ClimbRite Systems:

  • Water Towers
  • Marine / Ship Building
  • Water treatment stations
  • Telecommunication towers
  • Wind Turbines
  • Tower Cranes
  • Permanent industrial ladders

California Residents - Proposition 65 Warning

Prod. No. Mod. No. Cable Length Weight
V865194 2001-GC38030 30 ft 20 lbs
V865195 2001-GC38040 40 ft 22.5 lbs
V865196 2001-GC38050 50 lbs 25 lbs
V865197 2001-GC38060 60 ft 27.5 lbs
V865198 2001-GC38070 70 ft 30 lbs
V865199 2001-GC38080 80 ft 32.5 lbs
V8651100 2001-GC38090 90 ft 35 lbs
V8651101 2001-GC380100 100 ft 37.5 lbs
2001-GC380110 V8651102 110 lbs 40 lbs
V8651103 2001-GC380120 120 ft 45.5 lbs
V8651104 2001-GC380130 130 ft 45 lbs
V8651105 2001-GC380140 140 ft 47.5 lbs
V8651106 2001-GC380150 150 ft 50 lbs
V8651107 2001-GC380160 160 ft 52.5 lbs
V8651108 2001-GC380170 170 ft 55 lbs
V8651109 2001-GC380180 180 ft 57.5 lbs
V8651110 2001-GC380190 190 ft 60 lbs
V8651111 2001-GC380200 200 ft 62.5 lbs
V8651112 2001-GC380210 210 ft 65 lbs
V8651113 2001-GC380220 220 ft 67.5 lbs
V8651114 2001-GC380230 230 ft 70 lbs
V8651115 2001-GC380240 240 ft 72.5 lbs
V8651116 2001-GC380250 250 ft 75 lbs
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