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KneePro Roofers Knee Pads

KneePro Roofers Knee Pads

SKU: S96350

  • The KneePro Roofers vented foam rubber knee pads are specially designed for the tough roofers industry
  • Manufactured using a special grade of ultra-dense rubber, offering extreme durability
  • Non-marring rubber leaves no transfer on surfaces
  • Inner pads are serrated, creating channels that allow air to flow through the pad
  • These channels dissipate heat, creating a cooler working environment at the knee
  • Ideal for roofers working in high heat applications
  • Straps are located to allow the calf muscle curvature to help hold the pads in place without pinching the knee joint
  • The upper end of the pads is hooked upward and inward to help hold the pads in place on the knee
  • Weight - 1.25 Lbs. per pad, 2.5 Lbs. per pair
  • Ideal for roofers, welders and anyone kneeling onto heated surfaces

California Residents - Proposition 65 Warning

Prod. No. Mod. No. Shell Color Type Package Qty.
S96350 KPVFR Black Roofers 6/12
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